What Are The Benefits Of Social Media Essay

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Social media gives you the ability to create and share certain content such as personal information, photos etc on a website. Social media was created in 1997.It has evolved throughout the years and has grown from small sites such as MySpace into worldwide sites such as Facebook. Facebook and Instragram are two of the most popular social networking sites to be created. According to businessinsider.com, Facebook have 2.2 billion monthly active users, Instagram have 200 million active users, this shows that social networking sites are bigger than we actually think. ‘71% of teenagers have established online profiles on social networking sites. Nearly half have public profiles viewable by anyone. Teens with public profiles are more likely to receive…show more content…
Some of the advantages to using social networking sites is that people can have a long distance relationship or friendship over these sites and can chat to friends all over the world. Social networking sites are beneficial for education and school purposes. For example the website Edmodo can allow you to post school projects and homework to your teachers without being unsafe and they can help you progress and improve your work. These sites are also useful for charity appeals such as the no make up selfie to raise funds for curing cancer and the ASL ice bucket challenge. 1.2 million videos were shared over facebook and instagram which went viral across these sites so the charity is financially supported by many people. I think that these sites are only appropriate if you are cautious of information shared and stay safe. It is important for parents to make sure their children are being safe and not in any danger when using these sites. Parents are able to watch over internet use by using software designed to block websites and monitor safe use. Software such as Familyshield is used for

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