Advantages And Objectives Of Nokia

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NOKIA- OBJECTIVES,PROBLEM AND SOLUTION Nokia is a leading company which is engaged in the fields of network infrastructure, location based technologies and advanced technologies. Nokia’s headquarters are situated in Espoo, Finland. Nokia is a worldwide company and has expanded its operations all around the world. Nokia has three strong fields of expertise namely- Nokia Networks which form a part of their infrastructure business; HERE, which consists of the location intelligence business; and lastly Nokia Technologies who’s main priority is to focus on technology development and activities related to intellectual property rights. Nokia majorly invests in R&D which amounted to 2.5 billion euros on the year of 2013. The company’s main focus…show more content…
This agreement so agreed upon was completed on April 25, 2014. Nokia eventually entered into the agreement to use its Windows Phone platform on future smartphones. We can say Nokia has many objectives a major objective to the people using Nokia would be that people are connected through Nokia according to information based on their lifestyles bringing them closer to the people that are far away from them. The other main and major important objectives of Nokia…show more content…
The consumer satisfaction has been the top most priority of Nokia and anything new that the company manufactures will always be used by its long time consumers and customers keeping in mind the goodwill of the company. It should focus on a new and improved operating system that is upto date and is equally good as the android or apple I phones. As of now the only competition that Nokia is facing is with itself it needs to work more on the software in order to bring up a product which is perfect in all aspects but largely a product which is used nowadays and not something which has now been abandoned by a large part of the society including the producers and

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