San Francisco Earthquake And Earthquake Essay

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One epic disaster can lead to many years of mending and rebuilding, but can never replace the lives that were taken on April 18, 1906. California is right above the San Andreas Fault, which makes them one of the highest seismic cities in the United States. San Francisco is widely known for having many earthquakes, and in 1906 a fire and earthquake almost caused the destruction of a culture. The San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906 had tremendous effects on the city because of the destruction and the increase of racial discrimination towards the residents of Chinatown, but also received disaster relief as a positive effect. On April 18, 1906, before alarm clocks were to go off, the city of San Francisco was awakened by the shaking of an earthquake. The earthquake hit with a magnitude of 7.9 on the Richter Scale and stretched almost 300 miles long across the northern coast of California and into the floor of the ocean for an…show more content…
The two disasters had caused so much damage that they were in major despair. The surrounding cities donated thousands of dollars, held fundraisers to bring supplies to San Francisco, and helped start to clean up and begin the rebuilding process. They even received help on a national level. In the book, The San Francisco Earthquake, written by James House and Bradly Steffens, “emergency support flowed to the city from all over the world. A trainload of food, medical supplies, doctors, and nurses arrived from Los Angeles before midnight on April 18” (46). The aid that was received by L.A. was extremely dire at that point. There were too many people that were dying, starving, diseased, injured, and in need of help. Without this help who knows when San Francisco would have gotten the help they needed to get started on the rebuilding process, or if the death toll would have been higher without the medical attention that they brought with

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