Fukushima Earthquake Research Paper

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Since the Great East Japan Earthquake or the Tohoku Earthquake in 2011, the attention on nuclear power stations had increased dramatically. As shown in figure 1, the epicenter of the earthquake was located on the seabed of the Pacific Ocean, which is seventy two kilometers off the east of Sendai city (Wasurenai ). The moment magnitude of this earthquake (Mw) was 9.0, which was largest on record for an earthquake that happened in the outskirt of Japan. According to the Japan’s National Police Agency, the number of deaths at the time of April 10, 2015 is 15891 and more than 2500 people are still missing (LiveScience) The issue, which gained a global attention, is the leakage of radiation from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. This power plant was struck by a Tsunami with a height of fourteen to fifteen meters and lost its entire power source. As a result, the cooling of the nuclear reactor has stopped and the nuclear fuel rod had melted. Additionally, the explosion of the hydrogen led to the destruction of the nuclear reactor. A vast quantity of radiation leaked from the power station and led thousands of people to lose their houses, which gave them a high risk of suffering from cancer. The risk of this is immeasurable. (Sayonara Genpatsu)…show more content…
However, a lot of people are still trying to keep and even promote nuclear energy. I have a big doubt on this because it is not just the nation’s problem. Radiation will be a danger because its leakage will become a problem that could determine the future existence of human life. This topic is not just worthy of study, but a topic that we should understand

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