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Fields of Engineering Which Are More in Demand than IT Mrs Neeru Anand, Director (Human Capital), Acreaty Management Consulting Firm If you are curious and passionate about exploring the innovative technology and discovering novel concepts to make things better, then undoubtedly an engineer resides in you. Your cravings to make a positive change in this world, using creative and practical thoughts can really benefit both you and the society at large. It’s a myth that IT is the only engineering field which can land you in the world of incredible career opportunities and the rest of the branches are inferior and less lucrative. This has become a mindset of majority aspiring engineers and their parents. This is nothing, but lack of awareness and knowledge of the people about other specialized areas and branches that are more in demand than the counterpart IT. In fact IT has lost its decade old glory after the global economic recession in the year 2008. Gordon Stanley Brown once said, "Engineers operate at the interface between science…show more content…
It can be defined as the branch of engineering devoted to lessening earthquake hazards. Earthquake engineering covers the solution of the problems created by earthquakes, and consequently the work involved in the practical application of these solutions, i.e. in planning, designing, constructing, and managing earthquake-resistant structures and facilities. The main objective of earthquake engineering is to foresee the potential consequences of earthquakes in urban areas and civil infrastructure. An engineered structure should be magnificently designed to withstand the seismic. While all structures have a need to be designed to be earthquake resistant, it is the proliferation of high-rise buildings which has sparked the interest in developing earthquake survivability technology. Earthquake engineering is one of the most recent additions to the civil engineering

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