Essay On Haiti Earthquake

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The 7.0 magnitude earthquake changed Haiti forever on the eve of 12th January 2010. The destruction was widespread and massive in nature and the fragile and developing infrastructure in Haiti didn’t take much time to get destroyed. Hospitals, houses, schools, industrial and administrative building in the densely populated capital of Haiti i.e Port au-Prince and neighbouring coastal communities, were greatly damaged as it was built in a substandard manner which could not withstand such a powerful catastrophe of that manner. The earthquake only lasted for few seconds but its impact was vast. Haiti has been known as the poorest country in the Western hemisphere with a low Human Index. Child mortality has always been high in Haiti and 1 out of 3 people die out of starvation in…show more content…
Rehabilitation provides disabled people with the tools they need to attain independence and self-determination. Physical rehabilitation is a massive discipline including treatment for new injuries, reducing or lessening permanent disability which is a result of injury, supporting persons adapting to newly acquired disabilities with physical and occupational therapy, physical and occupational therapy, providing prosthetics and orthotics and other mobility aids, and the range of medical and lifestyle adjustments necessary after spinal cord injuries in order “to achieve and maintain optimal functioning in interaction with their environments. On 2010, SPHERE Guidelines pointed out that, “early rehabilitation can greatly increase survival and enhance the quality of life for injured survivors” and that, “where available, partnership with community-based rehabilitation programmes can optimise the post-operative care and rehabilitation for injured
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