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Which central issues and challenges are/had Banyan Tree Holdings facing/faced? Marketing Brand communication Originally the Banyan Tree Holding was trying to become known and considered in the market, but in the near future they had to stop with it because of the financial situation. The marketing part covered 7% of all revenues from the whole budget. 60% were apportioned for trade and 40% apportioned for consumer promotions. Communication was based on the third side support and authorization, word-of-mouth and public relations. Mixture of these types of brokers that were helping to bring the popularity provided the main pathway for brand communications. They have minimum advertising but everything was approached thanks to company’s public…show more content…
They accepted values such as caring for the nature and environment. The company protects all of it and seeks to build all the hotels and resorts with minumum wastage. For example the trees which had to be felled, were used to make the furniture. Nothing was wasted at the expense of the hotel. All the hotels and resorts are designed that they follow the surrounding culture and mainly the nature. The concept is called „a sense of place“. The hotels and resorts are composited with the nature around and it is very sustainable. The exoticism is preserved but enriched by the luxus. This is very special thing about the Banyan Tree because normally there is either very luxurious hotel such as Burj-Al-Arab which needed huge amount of material to be built and was very inconsiderate to the nature around or there is a hotel such as tree hotel which is very eco-friendly but not as luxurious as the Banyan Tree hotels and resorts…show more content…
What should be decided in the future is whether the company will be focusing on local or global market. Balancing between being in the centre of tourism and hotel industry in Asia or trying to get in the centre of global tourism and hotel industry. In this specific times the image of Banyan Tree is more Asian, but the tendencies are very clear. Year by year the market is being expanded by this huge holding. We can just assume from all the factors such as hotels around the world, not just in Asia, or new resorts that the Banyan Tree is ready to rapidly become global and to enter the American, Carribean and European market but still retain its Asian image. Now there are two resorts in Mexico and European market is ready to accept the Banyan Tree also. Target group Another tendency is bad impact of brand expansion. New Angsana resort is cheaper, more low-scale and the target group are mainly families with kids. But of course there has to be some balance between those two different resorts. Angsana is often associated with Banyan Tree. This „problem“ comes from the very beginning and that is managament of the marketing and the distribution of the resources. Between tendecies belongs new holdings entering the market. The Banyan Tree is one of the strongest, probably the strongest one. Even though it is almost necessary to keep innovating and to keep pace with trends

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