What Felicia Day Says About Misogynistic Cyberbullying

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Annotated Bibliography Suhay, Lisa. "Gamergate: What Felicia Day says about misogynistic cyberbullying." Christian Science Monitor 23 Oct. 2014: N.PAG. Academic Search Complete. Web. 12 May 2015. In this article, it focuses on Felicia Day who is a popular actress and video gamer and her views on a term called “Gamer Gate”. Gamer Gate is sexism in the video game culture and women are the center of this harassment. Day tries to address this issue and was bombarded with all sorts of threats and nasty comments, so much so that fear had driven her offline. She is not the only one; she lists many other women who are facing this kind of cyber bullying. The article ends with Day asking people to listen to reason and take a breath and tells women to…show more content…
The article mention British journalist Milo Yiannopoulos who calls feminist bullies who are trying to destroy video games. She tried to get people to easy up on women and get people to leave gamer gate, however, this made her a new target. She continually got harassed that it drove her to delete her twitter and just stay offline, but she had to return because she sells her music and art online, while back, she found a thread on 8chan where people found her old addressee and was going to make her a victim of swatting. Swatting is when people call police saying there’s a hostage situation at another person’s house and they send 20 officers, which did happen to…show more content…
It brings to light why people say certain things over the Internet compared to real life. First it talks about cyber bullying. The article then touches on the online gaming community. It highlights women specifically because they are so heavily targeted with harassment. The article even points out a game that’s purpose was to punch a woman’s face bloody, and that women was Anita Sarkeesian, a feminist video blogger who talks about women in video games. They also explain trolls who do things just for a laugh, no matter how cruel their actions or words may be. The article even tries to explain the psychology of online

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