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The landscape of commerce has been ever-changing throughout the years. From its simple means of exchanging goods and/or services for cash and/or in kind, the changes in the economic environment of today’s world has influenced how we do business, from merely supplying the basic needs/demands of the consumers such as day to day necessities to creating demand for luxurious items from clothing to electronics. Competition has also brought about change in the way businesses supply their customers with their products, favoring not only convenience to their consumers but also the efficiency and cost management of its logistics and operations. One aspect of the commerce landscape that has been rapidly developing in just these recent years…show more content…
From this point onwards the focus of my discussion will now steer towards the rise of e-commerce in the Philippines, I had to mention this because the topic on e-commerce is too broad that I simply cannot discuss them all in a paper of this length. II. Discussion As I was searching through the internet for research and possible topics to about on E- Commerce (just another reason why the internet is a marvelous invention), I came across an article entitled “Is it Time to be Bullish on E-commerce in the Philippines?” Of course I also read up on other articles that would help me on the topic but this particular article caught my attention because it discussed key points on the current rise of e-commerce in the Philippines and its possible implications in the future. The article was published by the Huffington Post and its quite a lengthy read but it’s worth the time. Given the active online activities that the Filipinos have (especially in social media), could this be an indication that the Philippines is ready for E-Commerce? Inanc Balci, CEO and

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