Cyber Harassment In Social Media

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The world is connected with each other through internet. With the advent of technology, people can exchange ideas, culture, economic, politics and agriculture with one another. The world has become globalized. Social media is one of the biggest key in making it happen. It is a globalizing agent. Apart from its benefits it has dark side too in the form of cyber harassment/stalking which leads to many social and psychological problems for the people under influence of this technology. The aim of this research essay is to investigate the increase of cyber harassment and bullying on social media and highlight the steps that are taken for its prevention. In order to have better understanding, we first going to understand exactly what is meant by…show more content…
The harasser use email and social networks to threat stalk and sexually attacks their targets which cause fear, emotional misbalance and physical harm to the victim. It is such crime which is minor and major on both sides. It should not be neglected as it is mostly started by the stranger and happen online.(Greenslade, 1997) further explains two ways of sexual cyber harassment. The first is direct and second is indirect. In direct cyber harassment, harasser email for sending threats or offensive messages to the victim. While in indirect harassment, harasser circulate sexually harassing email between workplace employees or even sexually explicit material distribution is done to embrace or create misunderstanding about the…show more content…
In which 87%of cyber harassment/stalking victims are women. Though, victim gender statistics may not be accurate in victim presentation but females are more expected to report being a victim than male of cyber harassment. (Goode, 1995) explains, up to 80% of offline stalking victims are from common socio-economic backgrounds. also, the statistical chances of becoming a victim increases with gender. For example a graduated male from University of San Diego stalked five female students over internet for more than a year thinking that those women make fun of him but in reality they never knew him. The victims were receiving threatening emails more than five a day. The offender pleaded guilty and charged six years in prison Attorney General,

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