The Pros And Cons Of Data Boking

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Data broking is a big and growing industry. It is the industry of gathering, selling and/or reselling data about customers and consumers. This specific type of business that is personal data gathering and selling is not mentioned often in our daily lives. It is just there behind the scenes unseen harvesting and made into the personalized advertisements we see online. We do not notice the non-stop tracking that is going on when we browse the internet or when an application on our phone tracks our position whenever we turn our GPS function, on our phones, on, or even straight up downloads our pictures or contact info. Most people just hit ‘accept’ or ‘install’ when accessing a website or installing an application. If people want to know what they allow, they should read what kind of permissions they give to an application before installing, and read what is…show more content…
Done the right way it simply provides better service. Data broking is a business about making money as any other business. Business is always about request and supply. If firms want data on consumers then there is a business. Whether it is ethical or not does not matter for business as long as it is legal and makes money. Casinos cause some folks to lose everything they have due to gambling addiction and sometimes even commit suicide. That makes casinos pretty unethical, but they are still legal and make money like any other business. Most people are not willing to spend their precious free time filling out surveys unless rewarded for it, whether it is a few cents or participation in some raffle. Some of the data needed to make even better advertisements; many people would probably feel uncomfortable writing. These are some of the reasons companies use methods to gather information. These methods are used in order to bypass or at least make the consumers allowance, of using the data, less

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