Essay On Climate Change In Developing Countries

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Developing countries are particularly more vulnerable to climate change due to their exposure to low latitude geographical region which curses them with poor rainfall availability and high temperatures. Many developing countries are located in tropical areas which experience extreme climates along with variability in monsoon pattern and high temperature. Country like India and others where rainfall occurs once in a year will be particularly vulnerable if rainfall fails thereby affecting the agricultural productivity and leading to adverse rates of growth and development. It has been said that because of poor soils, high crop respiration rates due to warmer temperature, water scarcity and presence of pests will lead to deteriorating conditions of agriculture. El Niño is extended warming of Pacific coast due to high air surface pressure. Its warm nutrient poor water replaces the cold nutrient rich water which will severely affect fishing, agricultural productivity, thereby triggering agricultural inflation and general inflation. It will cause loss in agricultural output and employment.…show more content…
They may be forced to sell their assets like land and cattle. This would lead to fall in long term revenue and they would be unable to educate their children. Most of them even reduce their consumption but this will severely affect their health and mental strength. It can lead to irreversible damage in children which will hamper their educational abilities like learning etc. Climate change will severely affect education levels as income and health conditions deteriorate. This is because schooling becomes less affordable as income levels fall and children engage in domestic household activities. While deteriorating health conditions would hamper learning abilities and attendance. Poorly educated farmers will not be able to innovate and process new

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