Economic Factors In Economic Development

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Background Agriculture has been one of the oldest and one of the prominent activities in the world. Agrarian activities have been practiced since Neolithic age till now, throughout the world which proves that agriculture is one of the major contributory factors in economic development. (Include statistics of the world) Agriculture has been developed throughout the history and 5 major revolutions can be identified which resulted in major economic consequences in the history of mankind. Neolithic revolution, Arab agricultural revolution, agricultural revolution in Britain, green revolution and genetic engineering have been identified as some of the major breakthroughs for agricultural activities. Neolithic revolution being the foremost of revolutions…show more content…
Two factors have contributed this transitional stage from being hunter-gatherers to being farmers. Exogenous factors; factors that man has a little control of such as nature, and climate are discussed throughout the history where the researchers identified the end of the age of Pleistocene eradicated the nomadic lifestyle that was carried out which eventually lead to permanent residence and subsistence farming . Cultural factors such as religion and other practices also known as endogenous factors are analyzed less because of limited data available. Theories regarding this transitional period for example natural habitat hypothesis brought by Robert Braidwood and population pressure hypothesis; where it was explained the factor “population” contributed the revolution are such examples where scientists and researchers have failed to prove their theories. ( T Douglas, Ofer Bar Yousef, 2011) In conclusion, though many hypothesis have been brought up it is still unclear what really made the greater impact on Neolithic revolution since it can either be that factors affecting altogether or another overshadowing the rest, as relevant data are hard to find regarding the cultural aspects which was visible 10,000 years…show more content…
Population explosion occurring irrespective to the industrial revolution provoked the issue of scarcity of food anew in the long run of the world economy. The requirement of a new revolution in the agricultural sector developed mainly through over consumption of resources of land and capital in the event of exponential growth of population. Nevertheless, the rivalry amongst socialist and capitalist campaigns further explored the instability of politics and economy of the world worsening the prevailing issues

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