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Abstract: The case study was conducted with the aim of defining the range of groundwater pollution produced by tannery industries and disposal of sewage waste in kodavanar watershed basin region located in dindigul district, which is a township of having small and large scale tannery industries around the number of 68 industries. The groundwater is frequently getting polluted by the untreated effluents containing various pollutants such as chromium, nitrates, sulphate, hardness, arsenic, fluorides and microbiological organisms coming from the tanneries industries. The samples from various seventeen locations were collected in pre monsoon 2014 season and the collected samples were analyzed in the laboratory. Water quality index map was created to display the quality of water in fifteen…show more content…
The chemical constraints exposes in the principal component analysis and varimax with Kaiser Normalization on three factors that interpret for about 71.819% of the total variance shows the important component of groundwater chemistry in study area. Keywords – Pollutant, Pre Monsoon, Water Quality Index, Factor analysis, Regression analysis. Introduction Groundwater is the major source of potable water for every human consumption. Specifically the groundwater are clear and colorless but they are harder than the surface water from which they occur (Manual on water supply and treatment). The water should be fresh and clear for drinking purposes. Now a days the groundwater quality is getting reduced due to sitting of industries discharging effluents which exceeding the prescribed limit of the disposal, population growth, landfills, deforestation, discharge of sewage into the river or other land disposal. It is realized that the main reason for the poorer quality of groundwater in contaminated area are strongly found to be the untreated effluent that is directly discharging onto the land by means of lagoons or to the river. The discharged

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