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“The only feeling that anyone can have about an event he does not experience is the feeling aroused by his mental image of that event” - Walter Lippmann. I have been rejected at every phase of my life many times in the past fourteen years, merely because I do not fit the status quo of the society we breed in. When children were busy building memories of their childhood, I was trying to survive; visiting doctors to diagnose what had gone wrong with me. It was not until about the age of ten; I was affirmed with a rare Neuro-Muscular disease named “Dystonia” which affected my trunk, neck, and right leg. Around two years later, the disease traveled to my vocal cords; I developed “Dysphonia” and I almost lost my voice. Since then, I have felt alienated- singled out. I was mocked and laughed upon, bestowed with all the pity that started hitting me inside deeply as a child.…show more content…
I tried diverse mediums to get rid of frustration or rather experience escapism--from writing daily life journals to scribble with a pencil to playing guitar. I would sit and scribble with pastels, pencils, and poster paints; make an abstract piece, as form and structure never appealed to me. I always felt art was a kind of therapy that can express wonders. Since childhood, a problem-solving task triggered my curiosity as I always felt that every problem has a solution. Living with a disability and being women in our rigid society is a challenge in itself. Pakistani society, unfortunately, is men influenced and women aren’t allowed to even interfere in most of the matters even decision making of their lives. I believe women education and awareness are two key points to generate an empathic community as women play a vital role in bringing up the kids. Behind my strong personality my family especially my mother played a vital role; She isn’t only my mother but a best

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