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Have you ever experience the inspiring condition such as the natural sunlight, the moon light or the windy day when you are walking through a landscape and feels like being uplifted and euphoric over the condition of space, movement, light and every texture you have touched. Architecture is really an art that could give us the opportunity to add these elements in to our daily lives. Every designer must see this as an urgent mission, not only architect but also every member of construction field. The feeling that when we encounter an architecture structure or building. Steven Holl has explained it as a phenomenological experience. To Holl, the discipline of phenomenology could be defined as the study of structures of experience, or consciousness.…show more content…
Holl also speaks of for him, all experiential phenomena are being revolved around the architecture, the way we really feel the space, the light and also the material, but the important thing is the every experiment must be driven with a clear concept, just like a thread is holding all manifold parts of a project together. With all these steps by steps, eventually the idea would turn into a building, a solution. A very good case study he has given, The Moby Dick, and Melvilles description of how indian transforming the skeleton of a big whale into a space, a house frame by stretching the bark over it. The idea behind this is that it is really important that the conceptual structures are always different when it is depending on the site given, the program and also the situation. Steven Holls explained that his architectural process is parallax- the movement of body in a space. He believes that the architect has to consider that whats happening around the corner. In the considering future projects, he talks about developing our next architecture is consistence to experiment and being open minded to new idea or concept and really merge with the site or the circumstance and or all these factors to find a new opportunity for the future

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