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Greek and Roman architecture gave us remarkable images in history. Romans continued and developed the heritage of the architects of the Greek civilization, and the Romans had all respect for their traditions and the established architectural orders, especially the Corinthian order, this was proved as it was seen in many of their huge buildings. Both of these groups showed how their own structural creations to define their perfections. The Greeks biased to the post and lintel construction, while the Romans preferred the construction of a true arch so each had his own unique way. In Rome the architectural style was established in Hellenistic traditions. Yet, the architecture in Roman period is reflected more in their monuments and advanced engineering skills; this is opposite to the Greek architecture, with had a huge effect from their gods. They had a…show more content…
Greek architecture was purposed to be seen as a magnificent piece of art work that was devoted to the gods. This was easy to notice from the outstanding beauty from the outside of the building with metopes and pediments but with the exception of the friezes. The Greek just wanted to design it as sculpture in feelings, with all that beauty to be easily seen from outside. The Roman architectural style changed the known function behind the construction of buildings. Yet a Roman building from outside is beautiful and powerful, their unique art and style lies in the inside with the paintings, colored walls and features that produced space and the feeling of depth. Also the Roman architect was focusing on lighting; due to new ideas on creating an amazing interior, it was needed to make the beautiful decorations to be seen clearly. These small things were very important to Romans as their main purpose behind their building to a place for the members of the public to meet

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