Essay On Interest In Architecture

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‘’It was long narrow enclosed space through a very thin fringe of trees. Grass covered the land, all depressions of the world that I tended to stumble in as I walk’’-I was amazed by nature and its influence on our emotion. I was too keen to explore those natural spaces with greeneries , colorful flowers ,shadows. Sometimes silence. I tried to present it through the brush strokes & colors and to make it more live I added few human figures. From that vibe I decided to chase such a field of graduation which can be a broader canvas of art related to the society, people & environment. I would like to interpret it as the blend of art & science or the expression of human innovative skills. From the core of my heart, I feel “Architecture” one of the best option which can accomplish my dream, reproduce my emotion & thoughts. My under graduation from Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology has endowed me with a strong & inclusive background in architecture. When I started exploring it in the profundity of the field, I figured out my intensive concern & enthusiasm in “Landscape Architecture”. I don’t divide architecture and landscape…show more content…
I become surprised at their questions and think how dynamic their thoughts are! Their bright vibrant eyes give me the inspiration of learning more and more about landscape. I am sure that if they get proper guideline ,they can be an asset in future and contribute more in the field of landscape .In order to work for my students & also the society, higher study in the field of landscaping architecture is vital. Then I stared exploring the university websites for the Master’s degree. After due search, I could know about your esteemed university & the MLA program. I visited the offered course & the profiles of the astonishing
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