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Contemporary architecture basically is known these days as an architecture of the present day, brought alive in the 21st century. Contemporary architects tend to build varies style and design of buildings and approaches, it does not follow any movements and can offer a multitude of architectural choices. The historical background could be rejected or could be involved. However, not deeply according to L.M. Pie ‘Contemporary architects tend to impose modernity on something. There is a certain concern for history but it is not very deep. I understand that time has changed, we have evolved But I do not want to forget the beginning. A lasting architecture has to have roots’. The contemporary architecture uses advanced technology, new…show more content…
Also, playful due to the designs and color choices where he used bright colors for example yellow, orange, blue and gold in EMP Museum in Seattle (figure 00). Also, innovation by creating and experiencing new ideas where his buildings shaped in curved lines, irregular shapes and angles, for example, Vitra design museum in Germany (figure 00), he used white plaster and titanium-zinc alloy and he allowed curved forms to break up his usual angular shapes. Frank Gehry established in 1997 Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and become one of his famous contemporary building in the style of deconstructivism (figure 00), Thomas krens inspired him to create daring and innovative design so the exterior curved walls presented in randomly ‘the randomness of the curves are designed to catch the light’ (Frank O. Gehry,2011), he use glass and titanium arranged in stone style ‘fantastic dream ship of undulating form in a cloak of titanium," its brilliantly reflective panels also reminiscent of fish scales’ (Calvin Tompkins,2012) and last, in order to make the construction and the budget cost he used computer visualizations produced by his own Digital Project

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