Balinese Architecture Essay

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This essay will mainly discuss about how the Balinese architecture developed through time since the past to the present days. The architecture built during different times and circumstances all tell a story, and it’s those “stories” that will be explored in this essay. If one looks closely enough, one can extract all those stories from each and every building block. Firstly, let’s start with the term “landscape”, the word semantically means a portion of area, of which is viewed at one time from one particular place. The word is the combination between “land” and an ancient Germanic origin verb “scapjan” which derives from word “shape” in English language. Landscape might refer to shaping process in or on the territory that can expose the…show more content…
Another function of these elements is that it can be utilized to identify the landscaping. The mentioned elements are those which consist of human, space and the contents of element. Human as a part of universe will be used to isolate the landscape through human culture in terms of the individual’s financial status, society, culture also. Human can make the alignment of the landscape particularly. Their culture can point out to the good feedback for the quality of landscape counted since in the past until in the present time. Spaces are made from nature and human. The space which is created by human can be separated into the indoor and the outdoor. Indoor will include the floor, wall and ceiling meanwhile the outdoor will include floor and wall but not ceiling. Last one is the content of elements, this element will principally cover sand, pebble, stone, water, sculpture and so on. Move on to the next point, now I will be focusing on Bali architecture, one of the most popular architectural design which represents Asian tropical content with a distinct flair for being in harmony with nature. Bali architecture derives from Bali, the well-known Indonesian island. The island is very popular among foreign tourists who expect to sightsee the splendor of the nature and study the local culture as well as way of

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