Gender Equality In Society

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Nowadays, women can access and utilize the same resources as men. Presently, there’s no doubt that each institution of society provides similar opportunities to both males and females. The political institution for instance is very important and essential for maintaining structure and discipline in our country. Plus, in this sector of society, both genders have equal say; at least when it comes to voting rights. However, when we view the amount of women who actually gets voted for, we can see that they aren’t as many and keeping it that way would be a good idea. Despite feminism campaigns to achieve overall equality in society, women are not essential for political leadership. Even though few women exist with some form of political supremacy…show more content…
In a natural sense, superiority is a trait that is commonly found in males. On the other hand, only few females tend to carry this characteristic that men are naturally equipped with. The few women politicians that exists today has to utilize this instinct in order to instill fear and power like male politicians normally do. Without these masculine attributes the small percentage of women politicians would not even exist today. This biological feature makes men better leaders than women for sure. Competitiveness and aggression also reflects superiority and are qualities which makes competent politicians. Again, these are thing men are naturally built with. According to an online article entitled, Men Crave Competition, women usually withdraw away from competitive working environment whereas men covet, and even thrive in environments where competition exists (Dye, 2011). This is a clear example of men’s biological instinct to compete and show superiority in their efforts; all qualities that men are likely to have over females. Furthermore, in politics, one must debate, take risks, be confident, do public speeches while simultaneously impressing the audience and handling pressure. As we can see, men show more durability and resistance in competitive situations whereas women are more likely to break down easily. In general, politics is an arena that requires individuals to be tough and…show more content…
However, they are some areas in society that should be left for men to deal with. Political leadership is certainly one of them. Being a politician is not as easy, one must be able to use the right qualities and act on behalf of what is true and not what they feel. Evolutionary and societal factors have influenced and shaped men and women in many different ways. Men being the patriarchy and females, the care takers. Therefore, men are naturally born leaders and more independent and dominant in a position of authority making us naturally capable to participate in politics. Man can think of himself without a woman but a woman can’t think of herself without a man states Beauvoir in the book, Ourselves among Others, (Verburg, 2000). This explicitly demonstrates how dependent the women of society are on the decisions of men. Of course, men are still the most dominant gender in politics and it should always remain that way. Frankly, our political system is not perfect but it is doing good enough. Females political leaders are not going to save us from our economic and social defects. As a matter of fact, it can change the perspectives of many and disrupt the system we are so familiar and comfortable with, thus it should be left for males to

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