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Other then pyramid, Egyptian also has temples. The used of temple were divided into two classes, the ministration to deified pharaohs and the place for worshiping the ancient and mysterious gods which called cult temple. Cult temples ware made for worshiping the multifarious local deities for example was the temple of Khonsu: Karnak. The original shape of the temples was rectangular palisaded court. Its entrance was narrow end flanked by pennon-poles and on the central of the temple they have the emblem of their gods and goddesses. On the end of the court there was pavilion that consist of vestibule and sanctuary. The characteristic of Egyptian temple was its column and capitals. The temple had many columns to support the structure of the roof. The column itself was very Fig: the evolution of pyramid.…show more content…
ROMAN As we can see that Greek architecture have a root from the Egyptian architecture. For the Romans their architecture come from the civilization of Greek. Roman architecture played a missionary role, where it is the birth of forum, triumphal arches and amphitheaters. The characteristic of roman architecture lay on the arch that is extended in a straight line of multiplied in depth where it will become a barrel (or tunnel) vault. From this vaults it’s provide a curved ceiling over two parallel walls and may be combined to form arcades that supporting multiple tiers of superstructure. The romans architecture also has a unique material, which was build from ancient concrete. The concrete does not have the form of liquid but the viscous mixture of sand, lime, water and aggregate. Roman architecture has the influence of Greek but they make it into their own and creating different type of architecture. One of the famous Roman’s architectural example is the Pantheon. Pantheon was famous from its dome structure that has a half rectangular structure for the front side of the building. Its dome was the widest until the nineteenth

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