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Introduction In the middle of this modern era and constant development especially in the field of architecture. A space is designed and created through the exploration of fundamental components of space and all the details to seek and enhance the phenomenological experience in architecture, looking deeply into the spiritual dimension and the invisible. Space can be cluttered up and filled in with objects and substances; nevertheless conceptually it is emptiness. However, the concept of emptiness, which is also known as a void, has always sparked controversy. It is usually perceived as nothingness, non-existence and absence. “Emptiness allows us to see space as it is, to see architecture as it is, preventing it from being corrupted or hidden…show more content…
There is always an unknown presence that comes upon us which we cannot explain. Can we feel the presence in the absence? What is the quality of emptiness? Referencing to the quotes from Pawson and Hara and to reach a conclusion for the questions raised, this essay intends to analyze the notion of emptiness as it can be applied in architecture and how it will create a phenomenological experience for the user. Beyond that, it will also discuss the conceptual space and the qualities of emptiness to bridge the relationship between human, emptiness, space, and…show more content…
The appearance of the emptiness is captured in the form of the dialectic of opposites. In other words, the negative space defines the positive space. It is shown by the arrangement of contrasting qualities in Japanese garden such as the soft moss and the hard stepping stones and the unpainted space in sumie painting as corresponding to the concept of emptiness. “It presents a harmony not of formal symmetry but of reciprocity between the void and for instance, a dark silhouette of a wagtail at the bottom of the canvas (Figure 1). The value of the void is not that it makes palpable and concrete something metaphysical called ‘non-being’ but that it operates to make possible a series of relationships and reciprocities” (Baek, 2008, p.

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