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Table Content Pages Abstract 1.0 Introduction 2.0 Overview of Sustainable Architecture 3.0 What are the Factors in Achieving Sustainable Architecture? 4.0 Integration of Material- Reinforced Concrete Contribute in Belum Rainforest Resort to achieve Sustainable Architecture 5.0 Other Contribution of Reinforced Concrete shown in the Belum Rainforest Resort 6.0 Conclusion 7.0 References Abstract The study of the integration of the material, reinforced concrete, in the architectural design of Belum Rainforest…show more content…
It is located in the region bordering Thailand and Kelantan. It serves as a retreat resort that allow the tourists, nature investigator and the pass-byer to have a rest. Nature is find throughout the resort and it gives a sense of refreshment to the visitor. Belum Rainforest Resort was divided into two phase I and phase II. Phase I of the Belum Rainforest Resort consists of the reception area, two accommodation blocks, and restaurants with meeting hall. Phase II of the Belum Rainforest Resort was completed in the year 2013 which consists an exclusive villa, six traditional villas, thirty-six deluxe suites a base camp and a swimming…show more content…
Composition of the sustainable building materials consist of renewable resources, rather than non-renewable resources. With the usage of sustainable building materials, the maintenance or replacement costs can be reduced over the life of the building. Sustainable building materials normally offer a longer life span which mean they are durable. Besides that, sustainable building materials are also energy conserved materials which consume less energy during the process of manufacture when compared to the non-sustainable building materials. As they are recyclable, lesser energy is consumed when compared to the process of producing a new material. Furthermore, sustainable building materials giving less negative impact on the user health and also characterised with greater design flexibility. Emission of the greenhouse gases will be reduced during the process of manufacturing sustainable building materials as well as during the construction process and therefore human health will be

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