Fruit Jam Lab Report

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Jam is always made from whole or cut fruits, cooked with sugar that will produce a thick and fruity jam. There are four main ingredients needed in the right amount to produce a fruit jam. They are fruit extract, sugar, pectin and acid. The combination of them will ensure the good gel formation, which act as the most important quality characteristic of a good jam (Ridgwell&Winson, 2001) . However, the pineapple itself contains some amount of sugar, pectin and acid but for ripe or just ripe fruit, the content is not the same. So, we had to add it during the processing. Based on the experiments, there are four pineapple jam making with different amount of sugar and pectin. It is evident that by increasing percentage of sugar in the jam will gives…show more content…
Based on the result for colourattributes of jam, panellists are more preferred colourattributes of jam from group 3 judging from highest mean score which is 2.400 ± 0.737. Hence,it shows that jam group 4 is less preferred by panellists for colour attribute. Color is an important sensory attribute on which the consumer preference depends on it. Next, for the aroma attributes, jam group 4 has highest mean score which is 2.133 ± 0.640and most preferred by panelist while jam group 1 which is 1.867 ± 0.516 is less preferred by panellists for aroma attribute. Besides, for taste attribute, jam group 4 with highest mean score which is 2.333 ± 0.817 is the most preferred jam by panelists while jam from group 2 are less preferred by panelist in taste attributes which is 1.600 ± 0.507 . Pineapple jam group 4 is more preferred because of the balance taste of sour and sweet.Good jam has a soft even consistency without distinct pieces of fruit, a bright color, a good fruit flavor and a semi-jellied texture that is easy to spread but has no free liquid (Berolzheimer R et al., 1959). In addition, the highest overall acceptability is jam group 4 which is 2.200 ± 0.676, followed by jam group 3which is 1.933 ± 0.799 and jam group 1 which is 1.867 ± 0.516 and jam group 2 which is 1.800 ± 0.561 has least overall acceptability by panellists. The scale the were used to evaluate this sensory attributes is excellent, good and poor. In order to obtain high quality of jam with desirable attributes, the use of mixture of ripe fruit with better flavour, taste and colour and more green fruit with higher level of pectin is recommended (Yahia,

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