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There is only one way to succeed. To succeed, in any aspect of life, requires hard-work and devotion. That is the basis of my plan for academic success. I plan on devoting myself to working hard and getting through my classes with flying colors. To achieve this, I shall have to work hard on studying for tests/quizzes, doing all of my assignments on-time and well, pushing myself to learn more, teaching myself in areas that require it, and asking other for help when I need. Studying for tests is something I have never been good at. In the past, I have always just gone to the class ready to go through it without study, thinking I understood it well enough that I didn’t need to; however, life’s not going to let that slide for very much longer. I have signed up for four AP classes next year, which means I am going to have the most academically challenging and grueling school-year I have endured thus far. These classes are going to require me to actually push myself, meaning I won’t be able to just “wing it” anymore. Therefore, I am going to have to study for each and every test I am given, extensively. I will not be able to just use the first 5-15 minutes of/before class to do it. No. I…show more content…
It’s pretty obvious how that can be bad. It can lead to not understanding the subject, and thus not getting the homework, leading to not-so-good scores on tests, and therefore less-than-great grades in the class. From now on, I have decided to pay as much attention, in class, as I can. By doing this, I believe I will be much better suited for all the assignments and questions thrown my way, in that subject. Part of this entails me getting more sleep as well. Many times I have stayed up doing many different things, and then been too tired in class to understand much. I sometimes would even just take a nap. By getting to sleep on time, I will be able to understand more in class, and thus learn

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