The Importance Of Study Skills

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How Study Skills Course Bring Academic Success Study skills are defined as how well individuals are aware and able to apply proper study strategies and techniques which include their competency to manage time and other resources to achieve the requirement set for academic task (1). As we progress to higher level of education, the key element to become an impressive student is learning how to study smart, not harder (5). Most of the successful students accomplish their outstanding achievement by establishing and practice effective study skills they’ve learnt. Even though there are no two people who study the same way, it still can’t be denied that these general study tips can aid students to improve their learning and understanding, and basically…show more content…
First, time management strategy is one of the most effective study skills; it can be implied in anything, anytime and anywhere. Time management is known as a set of know-how for organising and planning the use of time to work more efficiently (1). Students who succeed academically is proven that they are learnt how to complete assignments on time (4). Nevertheless, another study has indicated that approximately 95% of college students perform academic procrastination like preparing for exams last minute (2). Therefore, developing a schedule is essential whether it is monthly, weekly or daily; student have to choose the most suitable one for them. A decent timetable can be a lifesaver for the students by assigning time to meet their needs and keeps them from wondering off when the unexpected comes up (3). When the students start making every hour count, they block off a period of classes and sleeping, and then focus on the free time left over to plan time for study (3). As a result, consistent and regular study periods will improve one’s academic results…show more content…
Test anxiety is explained as the fear of failure attached to the act of studying or sitting for exams (1). A certain amount of test anxiety is usually helpful to motivate students; however, too much can be unfavourable as it restricts them from performing well in tests (5). A study has revealed that poor test performance is correlated to test anxiety; grade point average of test-anxious student is a B (2). Hence, for the students to handle the stress for studies, proper preparation is crucial as it will build the students’ self-confidence and decrease their test anxiety level (5). The major cause of test anxiety is cramming all information for the quiz the night before and not receiving adequate sleep as a result (5). In fact, efficient test strategies such as time management and note-taking skills are required to score with flying colours in exam. By developing these study skills, they will help the students to control extreme test anxiety and consequently enhance students’ academic performance

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