The Differences And Characteristics Of The Black Rhinos

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The black rhino’s scientific name is “Diceros bicornis” it lives in central Africa that includes Kenya,Tanzania, Cameroon, South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Angola. It lives in a dry hot climate with lots of open land and hardly any trees. It’s weight is 1,760 to 3,080 and can live from 35-50 years. They are 4.5 to 6 feet tall at the shoulder and are herbivores, so they mainly eat leaves and grasses. They eat mostly at night or during the gloomy hours and are known for being wollowers which means they will roll around in the mud so they can keep cool in the blazing sun. The mud acts as sun screen and also as a natural bug repellent. Black Rhinos have a really good sense of smell and hearing. They will find each other by the scent they leave behind on the land.…show more content…
The black rhino isn't actually black they are a grey coloring as is the white rhino but there are some differences between the black rhino and white rhino which is the black rhino has a pointed top lip so they can pull fruits from the trees the white rhino has a flat top lip to eat grasses. They also have weight differences the black rhino weighs 1,760 to 3,080 and the white rhino weighs 3,168 to 7,920. The female rhino will be ready to have her first calf at 3.5 to

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