Hidden Intellectualism Response Essay

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“Hidden Intellectualism” response essay The measure of intelligence is not entirely from the knowledge given, but from the knowledge you have produced by yourself working together as a whole. Knowledge can come from anywhere in different forms and amounts. The author brings the truth to light about knowledge and where it can come from and the importance of accepting the different forms through examples. Like in “Hidden Intellectualism” in the book “They Say I say” written by Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein (Graff, G.2014, 2010, 2009, 2006). In today’s society, it is believed that knowledge is weighed by academic achievement. This is brought upon by reading books of merit and full of information known as book smarts. While those who get their intellect from other sources such as magazines known as street smarts are valued below book smarts. This leads to educational differences when it comes to grades and accomplishments between the two.…show more content…
Well what exactly is the fourth grade gap? The nitty-gritty work begins in fourth grade. Students start reading comprehension, analyzing, problem solving, and counter arguments focusing mainly in the subject areas of math and reading (Malito, A. January 2014). Sometime in the year the students are tested in the areas of comprehension, analyzing, problem solving, and counterarguments. The test is compared nationwide and show an increase in the gap between scores from lower and higher income families (Malito, A. January 2014). Not only do lower income children come into primary school failing behind, but they continue to fall behind as the years go on. This shortage in knowledge creates the fourth grade gap which has increased 20 percent over the years (Malito, A. January 2014). The responsibility lies on the shoulders of the parents and teachers in order to create an equal playing field for all

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