John Smith's Accomplishments

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I am writing this essay to explain why John Smith, one of my best students, it would be a perfect student for university. He is capable of excellence and will do very well in campus. It is truly a remarkable person in every aspect and i think it an excellent candidate for admission to the university. John Smith is extremely intelligent and creative approach to the solution of the problems never ceases to amaze me. Has maintained a high level of academic excellence in rigorous classes, and makes the best qualities among their peers. To continue, Smith does not give academic facing a challenge. Is work ethic and curiosity is second to none and their perseverance is incredible. Smith of energy and enthusiasm for life seems unlimited. John Smith is a natural leader of his community. He always encourages other students to excel and work diligently. In addition, Smith confident personality draws people to him. He is friendly, helpful and always willing to help others. I appreciate your good nature because it is contagious to those around you. Smith is a positive…show more content…
Has been involved with many service projects through. The sincere commitment of Smith to their activities is known, and his companions would often choose him in positions of command. In addition, it is active in academically competitive organizations, such as the computer science and computers in the story, both of which require a weighed amount of independent study and time. He has a heart for serving others and can be found using their free time to teach younger students in their classes in the science and assisting their peers with the preparation for the SAT. Outside of school work and activities, Smith maintains a part-time job in a local restaurant, where you can find sharing their honest smile with the entire

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