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No education in Africa Out of two hundred native American pupils who are lucky enough to start school, just one of them can be expected to study engineering. Many children in Africa don't get the chance to learn and instead, go to work for their families and sometimes get themselves stuck in slavery. Sometimes, desperate parents even send their children to go work instead of going to school. Children also don't get a well enough education because the schools don’t provide enough schooling resources for the children to learn.Access to Education due to poverty is a global human rights violation in Africa impacting children today. First, The lack of education in Africa affects the people living in it (native Africans). Out of every 200 African kids who start school, only one of them might be educated enough to study engineering. Education is an important thing in children’s lives. When children don’t get an education, it also affects the race of Africa by turning Africa into a place where there is barely any access to education. In Africa kids ages five to seventeen, are not going to school from young ages because they and their families live in poverty. Children skip school and are sometimes forced by their parents to go work and get money so they can…show more content…
Which leads to Children not getting educated correctly and teachers can't teach efficiently enough. In addition, some schools don't have enough teachers so the classes are crammed and the children are to learn at the same level. Some children don't get well educated because they are not at the level of the class, and as a result drop-out of school and fail in classes. Lack of schooling and poor education does not just affect the kids, it also leads to a low development of the country. According to, “As a result of poverty and marginalization, more than 72 million children around the world remain unschooled. ” (“Right to education”

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