Problems Associated With Acidity Essay

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Name: Gloria Makochieng Class: 9R Task: Research on the problems associated with acidity and then discuss how science has been applied to solve them. Acidity Acidity is measured using a pH scale. A pH scale measures the basicity or the acidity of a substance. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. Substances with a pH level measuring from 0 to 7 are said to be acidic. A lower pH means a higher acidity. Acidic compounds have a high concentration of hydrogen ions. Substances which have such properties are said to be acidic. Problems Associated With Acidity Depending on the level of acidity, there may be different problems and effects encountered. For example, when the stomach has low acidity, one may suffer from acidosis. Highly acidic substances can also cause damage to both living and non living things. One of these problems is acid rain.…show more content…
Acid rain is formed when nitrogen oxid and sulphur dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels react with oxygen, water and other chemical compounds in the atmosphere. When sulfur dioxide is released into the air it reacts with water and oxygen to form sulfuric acid, H2SO4. It then ionizes to hydrogen ions. H2SO4 2H+ + SO42- They are then carried by the wind and dissolve in rainwater to form acid rain may fall to the earth as "wet" acid precipitation including rain, snow, ice, sleet, or fog. This gives rain water a pH below 5.0. Rain water that has this higher level of acidity can cause damage to buildings and statues, particularly those made of limestone. This is because the sulphuric and nitric acids dissolve the limestone. Acid rain can also reduce the growth of, or even kill, trees and crops. Acid rain may even lower pH of water in lakes, killing

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