Cultural Culture In Ireland

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Ireland as a nation is embedded in history, culture and tradition. Upon getting its independence in 1921,Ireland became tied to the consolidation and affirmation of identity without English influence. There was a now a great community will to preserve what was left of the Irish culture drawing on national pride and cultural nationalism. A German Historian Fredrich Meinecke stated that there are two types of nations 1. Cultural nations and 2. Political nations. A Cultural nation like Ireland sees an ethnic and political stance overlap in the aims of the nation. Our Constitution, the makeup of our nation has stemmed from our historic and ethnic forces. Therefore, An ethnic minority in Ireland may have had to assimilate due to the fact that…show more content…
Sometimes misunderstood, Assimilation does not mean that every culture is melting to establish one major recognisable culture of many traditions but the ethnic minorities ‘melt’ in to the dominant culture to escape the underlying feeling of prejudice and unfair treatment. In modern Europe and the US, assimilation can be strictly related to class structure and the overall dominance of that class. During colonial and post colonial society slavery had been superseded by other counterparts of coerced labour. Labour from India and China was recruited for the British colonies and to keep up with the ever injuctively authorizing societies of the developed world. In Hawaai for example,a sugar plantation economy was established after slavery had been abolished both in the British colonies and the USA ( . Labour was recruited from China, Japan,Korea,Portugal and the Philippines. The mass forms of kineticism of labour post colonial times betokened that ethnic identities were becoming ever consolidated.The trading of minorities for the benefits of the colonial rulers meant that an unknown test was in place to see which language and culture survived. Additionally it highlighted minorities as a separate and evidently led them to want to stick together to keep their culture enacted which would be an omnipresent feature when certain countries would be probing for independence in the future. However, most evident is that the spreading influence of European states showed minorities the ascendant cultures. Moreover through the evident class structure an ethnic relegation is of clear identification and a clear picture of ascendant culture was painted through economic and political abilities. Eminently, the colonial rulers reinforced and in some cases intensified the ethnic difference by treating populations as seperate entities. The ascendance of the US

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