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A Guide to Tajik Weddings Weddings are an occurrence that should only bring joy and happiness to everybody involved, but I am certain that you have never experienced the lunacy of Tajik weddings. Young children flood every millimetre of the dance floor- feeling certain that they will be the next generation's Michael Jackson. On the other hand, adults produce erratic arm movements whilst springing into jerking movements with their feet. Without context, one might believe they were pagan maniacs or performing the c-walk. Adolescents tend to be completely unenthusiastic in anything ‘uncool’, therefore they should be unwilling to part-take in the madness, however, the music is remarkably infectious- it spreads around savagely like a viral disease...sparing nobody. Before the ceremony begins there are several months of work involved. Firstly, gifts have to be exchanged between the two families. It sounds simple if you disregard the fact that extended family is also included - which is more than the number of fingers on both your hands; ranging from their siblings to their uncle’s-cousins-nephews-son. Moreover, you would not want to get them an incompetent present, such as a keychain or pen with their name on it - it could leave the family feeling cantankerous…show more content…
The wedding now begins. The morning is greeted with the titillating aroma of food accompanied by a colossal wave of guests, (ninety percent of whom likely just came for the food). The ‘Dasarkhon’ is practically painted with food - there is no visibility of the expensive, heavily embroidered tablecloth. Unlike having a 3-course meal everything is laid out together allowing people to simply snatch whatever food they please. You could say that dining in a Tajik wedding is the same as an all-you-can-eat-buffet; it is also arguably one of the only excusable and somewhat justifiable times to ask a non-pregnant woman if she is

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