Difference Between Gender And Gender

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The following essay argues why the differentiation of sex and gender is necessary and that gender is socially constructed on an everyday basis, whether we are aware of it or not. Social arenas such as education, sports, music and mass media all contribute to the social construction of genders and their respective roles. The society which we live in has an enormous impact on what type of person we become. From shaping our way of speaking and dressing to influencing our attitudes and behaviour. Our society manages to create an image for us that there is an ideal way one should think, act and live. Social scientists have many reasons to study gender and its social construct, a few being: how gender influences social relations between men and women,…show more content…
It opposed that heterosexuality was the only and normal sexuality. “Queer theory breaks many conventional sociological ideas on identity. Queer theory challenges the very concept of ‘identity as something that is relatively fixed or assigned to people by socializing agents” (Giddens & Sutton, 2013). Queer theorists argue that gender and sexuality are not natural and that man/woman, masculine/feminine are social constructions and thinking heterosexuality is the “natural” sexuality is nothing other than another social construction. Another relevant piece of work is that of Harriet Bradley in which she says, “A simple statement such as ‘Harriet is a woman’ or ‘Stephen is a man’ tells us nothing about their gender beyond a basic grammatical assignment or identification of their accepted sex. Such a usage of gender is of limited utility except as a ‘variable’ in social analysis” (Bradley, 2013). Her work provided an interesting approach towards the concept of gender and explained different theoretical explanations which have further developed gender studies. The internalized belief that men and women are essentially different is what makes men and women behave in different ways. Men are tough because society makes them that way and women are weak because society makes them that way. Because of this many men and women may justify their behaviour as what comes naturally to them but that is not the case. Differentiating between sex and gender is important so that we can carry out a critical analysis for such issues. There are clearly multiple factors defining gender than just anatomy. Gender fluidity also exists and is another exception to theory that gender is a social construct. This is “the ability to freely and knowingly become one or any of a limitless number of genders, for any length of time, at any rate of change” (Bornstein, 1994, p. 52). Some
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