The Warrior Woman Essay

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Deborah Ekuka Dr. Adriane Bezusko ENGL/WS 2392 Monday October 27, 2014 Close Reading Essay. The last paragraph of The Warrior Woman novel “White Tigers” presents a woman who relates herself to a warrior, a Swordswoman Fa Mu Lan who replaced her father in battle, and when she was young she’d follow her mother around the house singing with her mother song about her save return from war: “she said I would grew up a wife and slave, but she taught me the songs of the warrior woman, Fa Mu Lan. I would have grown up a warrior woman.”(PG20) Even though her mother said she’d grow up a slave and a wife she still taught her daughter the songs for warriors. The Warrior theme in the woman warrior is an important part of the novel, it relates to Brave Orchid, Fu Mu Lan,…show more content…
“My mother locked her children in the house so we couldn’t look at dead slum people. But at news of a body I would find a way to get out; I had to learn about dying if I wanted to become a swordswoman” (PG 51-52). The narrator was willing to go great miles just to meet the stander of the woman warrior or the swordswoman even though she knew that there would be obstacles. Brave Orchid is sometimes a warrior which is also an inspiration to her daughter and sometimes an enemy to her daughter. Brave Orchid is the most forceful, spirited woman in the novel, at one point the fights the sitting ghost when she was still in school and when she was meet her sister’s husband she threatened to hit him, “What if he hits me?” “I’ll hit him. I’ll protect you. I’ll hit him back.”(PG145) Most of this chapter in the novel is based on how the women in the novel fight back or how the women try to find a way to fight back, not only against how they are being treated but also in their daily
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