Protecting Endangered Animals: Endangered Animals

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Endangered Animals Protecting endangered animals in order to save the existence of various rare and endangered species. There are many rare animals that are currently endangered. This essay will talk about how they are endangered. It will also talk how many of the those rare animals are still alive. Also it will talk about what people or programs are doing to help save these rare endangered animals. Also how organizations are breeding these rare animals to keep their population going to keep them from going extinct. Also what states are doing to keep people from hunting these rare animals and putting treaty to help save these animals. Know one wants to see these rare animals go extinct. There are many animals out in the world that are endangered.…show more content…
There is only about 10,000 left in the world. Researchers have studied that Red Pandas are not vicious animals. They do not attack people unless they feel threatened. The reason the Red Panda is going endangered is because its habitat is being destroyed. Many people have learned that the forest that the Red Pandas live are being cut down and people are starter to learn not to. For example, if people keep destroying the forest the Red Pandas will become extinct. Red Pandas don’t live for very long. Researchers have studied that the average lifespan for the Red Panda is about fourteen years in captivity and about seven to eight years in the wild. Another reason why they are decreasing in population is because there are being killed. People have found out that hunters are killing them for their coats. Hunters are putting traps in the forest to kill them to make clothes. The Red Panda is not the only rare endangered animal that is needed to be…show more content…
The Sea Otter has been endangered since 1970. Sea otters finally gained protections with the signing of the International Fur Seal Treaty of 1911.(Haley) The Sea Otter was put under the Marine Mammal Protection Program. Worldwide, numbers have slowly recovered but still stand far below original population numbers. Oil spills from shipping and drilling are the main reason why Sea Otters are dieing. When the oil touches the Sea Otters fur it cause the fur to mat, so it will keep the Sea Otter from staying warm when it is in the water and the Sea Otter will die from hypothermia. One of the major reason why the Sea otter are dying is because the Sea Otters are eating shellfish in the Pacific Ocean and there has been a poisonous thing called the blob, which is a poisonous algae and the poisonous algae is affecting the shellfish which the Sea Otters are eating and there are dying from that poisonous algae. The reason this blob is in the Pacific Ocean is because of the warm weather. Scientist are trying to solve on how to get rid of this blob to help the Sea Otters. One of the most endangered cat in the wild that needs protection is the Amur

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