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Everyone has read at least one classic in their life, but what does that mean? The word classic can be portrayed in so many ways. It all depends on the person, what they read and are interested in. The direct definition of classic is “a work of art of recognized and established value.” Literature can be seen as words to the naked eye. This isn’t true for those who look beyond, its art, and the ones that become art are classics. The meaning of classic to me is a good book I would recommend to others or reread. Timeless is a great way to define a classic because a classic overlaps generations and can be read by everyone. Classics also create life lessons and a sense of self-revelation. The pieces of literature I consider classics are: Paper Towns by John Green, Looking for Alaska by John Green and The…show more content…
Like Calvino says, he says we should revisit books from our youth because we have changed and our encounter will be changed. Calvino is absolutely correct. Reading as a preteen in middle school you only catch so much. You are in the awkward stages of starting to understand literature but cannot yet see it on a deeper level. Re-reading Looking for Alaska I understood things and digested them in a deeper meaning than before. For example consider the ongoing metaphor between Alaska and the swan. Swans are portrayed as beautiful and that is how the main character viewed Alaska. The swan was used to help show Alaska’s true self to readers. We look at swans as a symbol of romance and simplicity but once encountering swans they become mean and complex animals. As a middle schooler I did not see the connection the author was trying to make in a metaphoric way. Once rereading and dissecting this piece of literature I was able to finally understand John Green’s true meaning of Alaska. This is because I matured with age and became aware of deeper meanings hidden within
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