Ignorance In Cheryl Peck's 'Fatso'

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Cheryl Peck’s “Fatso” demonstrates ignorance within society towards those who do not fit the social standards set by the people who have an exaggerated standard embedded within themselves. Sizeism has always seemed to be in issue in modern day society. If you don't fit the slim/skinny and curvy standards then you're seen as ugly in today's world. In high school, I used to be bullied because I was "too fat" and the size of a "whale." I was born with an underactive thyroid gland. It's commonly known as Hypothyroidism. In other words, no matter what I eat or drink I retain the fat and water of the foods. However, I never saw it as an issue, I went through the day just like any other kid, till later on in my life. When I started high school everything changed. All the "fat" kids were now in shape and I was still fat and chubby and shapeless. All my middle school "friends" made me their target.…show more content…
By the end of sophomore year I had an eating disorder. Everything I ate I ended up throwing up, no matter what it was. If I drank water I threw up. The sight of food made me throw up. I lost over 60 pounds in a course of a little over three months. Eventually, my family and real friends helped me get through it. By then, I also had some growth spurts and exercise helped me get into shape. All the kids that used to bully me either moved or just faded out of my life. Reading Peck's essay shined some light to me about the lives of other "fatsos" that were/are criticized on a daily basis about their

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