Personal Narrative: My Trip To Vietnam

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Journal #2 How this essay (Prose) relates to me is Kevin Nguyen This essay relates to me when I went to Vietnam for the first time with my family and cousin. I was really excited that we were going on a vacation to visit my parent's homeland and relatives for the first time. I was around twelve years old and did not know much about the country. The few things I heard from people and friends was Vietnam is a beautiful country and some part is dirty. Once we arrived, stepping out the plane the weather was so humid I started to sweat all over my clothes. My grandparents, aunt, and uncle were waving hi to me, but I didn't recognize then because I never seen them before. Seeing them so happy with a big smile on their face just made me feel welcome to Vietnam. The whole trip my cousin and uncle around my age brought me to all the fun places. We went hiking, boat rides, arcade, and all the popular food places. First, One thing I will do differently if I can redo this vacation does some research about the country and learn more about the community. Going to a country not know anything could be dangerous or you can get scam for money. People in Vietnam would try anything to steal your money or personal goods such as phone, wallet, jewelry, and…show more content…
I regret doing this because I was still young and was scared trying things I never saw or tasted. My dad would always tell me to try this Vietnamese plate cooked with frogs, but I would always say no. It's supposed to be the most famous delicious food course in his homeland. Now that I'm older my dad would always remind me of it which makes it regret a lot. I wish I tried all the fruits they had there because some fruit doesn't even exist in America. Also, because two dollars in America could buy you as many fruits you want. Some fruits had weird shapes and I had never seen it before my entire life. For sure the next time I come back I'm going to try everything they

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