Personal Narrative Essay: A Story Of An Ordinary Day

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Stranded It was an ordinary day, nothing out of the ordinary, my friend Trenton and I going to go snowboarding like we normally do most weekends during the winter. I was running late I got out of bed and took a shower and got dressed. I scrambled to get some breakfast as I texted Trenton asking if he was ready. I grabbed my snowboard gear and headed into town. I picked up Trenton and he instantly starts bickering at me asking why I was late. Like usual I shrugged it off. We stopped by the gas station and filled up the gas tank and started heading to the mountains. It was going to be a long drive until we got there. We had just rolled into the parking lot of my second home, the beartooth pass ski resort. Trenton and I rushed to the ski lodge to get ready as quickly as possible so we can hit the slopes. We strapped in to our bindings and got on the lift to get the first run of the day. As soon as we were at the top we started heading down, everything was absolutely perfect. There was so much fresh powder and hardly any body on the mountain. Trenton and I both knew it was going to be a good day. We both went off giant jumps…show more content…
I remembered I had a survival pack that I always kept in my backpack that I wear so I reached on my back and reach in and found where the matches were. I grabbed Trentons snowboard and put my foot on one end and broke it in half. I then took Trentons snow pants and went to a nearby tree to gather some wood. Quickly I grabbed the matches and lit part of the snow pants on fire to start it then put some branches on the fire. Pretty soon the fire was going good and I used Trentons jacket as a blanket and cuddled up next to the fire. I was in shock in what happened today. I sat there thinking to myself what I need to do in order to

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