Essay About Success In Life

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It takes us years to get the education we need to be successful in life. The years are separated by grade level which means being in different building or schools. We started off with pre-school, elementary, middle school, high school, then college. As the years go by we start to mature more and getting experiences so we each year we go to another grade level, until we graduate high school, because there is not grade levels in college. We spend most grade school years with people we have know for years back, but once you graduate high school, everyone goes their separate ways. People leave the city, or even the state, to go accomplish their goals. When it comes to college you have make new friends or at least have acquittances, just incase you need help…show more content…
In college its on us to make sure we get good grades and keep going to class. It is a good way to help us realize that we will not always have someone to help us out all the time. If we miss a day in college, we must try and get the work from other students or sometimes when the professor has time they will help. We get so used to having small classes in high school but in college we have double the size of people in our classes. Small classes mean, more one on one with the teacher. College class are longer time than in high school. The only thing is that in college we get to choose the classes and time we want to take them. In high school the counselors would choose your classes and you had to be there but to 8 hours a day for 5 days a week. Grading is such a difference. In high school we get process reports every six weeks to give us a view of what we must work on until our actual report card comes out. In college, we do not have progress reports or report cards. It is on us to keep up with our grades. We get so used to being graded by numbers but once in college you get graded by
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