Taking Personal Responsibility

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Think of the people in your life, when you are around them how do you feel, do they cause you to have stress or anxiety, now if they do think about this, who’s responsible for them being there, is it them or is it you? As Henry Ford II once said “Never complain, never explain” if the situation you are in makes you unhappy do something about it, you are responsible for everything you do. Taking responsibilities in one's life will make other better because, it will help them in their personal life. They will be more in control of their lives and it will give them a right of passage to adulthood. Being responsible in your own personal life can lead to many thing for example success, everyone strives to reach that part of their life but can’t seem to achieve it for one common reason. They choose not to take responsibility. Responsibility is being accountable for your actions. Those who do not show responsibility don’t seem to fulfill commitment and display self-control. In the essay “Taking Personal Responsibility” by Brain Tracy, Tracy states “Everything that exists in your life…show more content…
The more often you take responsibility in your life the more you will be able to control things that happen around you or to you. You will be able to make decisions and do things you want to. Being in control makes you feel free and happy, being in control makes you feel good about yourself and builds self esteem. Referring back to the essay “Taking Personal Responsibility” by Brain Tracy, states “Only you can think your thoughts, only you can decide what you’ll dwell upon, what you’ll read and listen to, who you’ll associate with and the conversation you’ll engage in; therefore, you are totally responsible for all the consequences of all those behaviors. It’s unavoidable.” of course she's right every situation you control can either make you happy or unhappy. Being in control makes you feel peaceful within your own
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