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“Let Them Choose,” seems to be a very vague title. To fit the content of the essay the author Miss Sherika Ramsay could have titled it “Let the children choose.” In that way, the title still has the gist of suspense which leaves the audience with the question choose what? And at same time, it even tells the audience the essay is directed towards the children choosing something. The essay begins with “Parents are our first mentors, and then teachers and other family members.” Although a vey general statement, it’s a statement of truth for a majority of people, so it has the effect of grabbing the readers attention as to where is this essay going to lead? The authors paragraph continues with her strong belief of how parents should support their children for a career their children would like to pursue and not enforce just any career upon them. That again makes the reader want to continue reading because, it’s a very common problem between teenagers and parents, and not many people address this issue.…show more content…
The author uses phrases like “Instead they try to persuade the child to follow their own path that they did not accomplish; they force or coerce the child into doing a career that the child has no interest in.” The author even shares her own personal life in the 4th paragraph, she speaks about how she was pushed into a field she did not want to get into, and that did not go well. It started with her feeling like she had no say, she then felt neglected. Soon she became uninterested in school and the result was her dropping out of

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