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Coaching 1Coaching is a job that has been here not for money but to earn that name as the best. A coach’s goal in life is to lead that the promising team to a championship, it’s getting the win over that rival school that you have never beaten, and about being part of a legacy. 11That one coach that stands out above the rest is the one that has worked hard and fought so that he will be remembered for centuries. So he or she goes down in history. However, what sacrifices did they have to go through to get to the top? “Gold metals aren’t really mad of gold. They are made of swear, determination, and a hard- to- find alloy called guts” (Dan Gable). Maybe, the coaching life is not so easy. Little pay, a lot of hours, and physically exhausting. The top coach has it easy but what about the ones that are coming up to take his spot. To be a physical educator you have to have an education yourself. The first step is graduating high school. 2,5Some high school course, such as physical education, can be helpful in you becoming a coach. However the real challenge is when you get into college. 6A bachelor’s degree may be required to get a coaching job. Also you must have a teaching license that…show more content…
One of the most positive things is getting to see the athletes be successful. 7Making more and more great athletes come out of our program really helps your rep as a coach. When they finally get a route or a move down it makes the coach feel accomplished. There is nothing that could get a coach happier than when an athlete becomes great. The athlete that does extra to fulfill his goals is the coach’s second greatest prize. To a coach it is like getting a big win. That is just practicing to accomplish new heights. The real challenge is getting the player on the field during the big game and showing off what he has learned. Every coaches pushes there athletes so when the lights are on bright they

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