Essay On Human Security

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Introduction Human rights are something absolute or we can say as basic rights of human. Human rights are those rights possessed by an individual that can not be withdraw by others including state. They are about equality and fairness. As a human, we are free to choose and making choices to our life and develop our potential as a human being. There are some basic rights that agreed by people in the world, such as right to life, free from torture or other inhuman treatment, access to education and resources, access to health, and adequate standard of living. State also have to give protection and security to their people’s rights. Human rights also about how we should react towards each other. So, at the minimum level, we shoul treat other people with respect and dignity. And if the other way around happen, or for instance if we do not…show more content…
To be secured is to be safe and protect. State is responsible to their people’s security, they should be able in creating such a security feeling inside the people. The feeling secure from torture, from violations and threats or even feeling secure from poverty, because the access of resource categorised as one of the human rights also. There are some perspectives in defining human security, one of the related from human rights said that the concept of human rights are based on the fundamental liberal assumptions of basic individual rights to ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’, and the international community have to protect and promote the rights. In other word, it can be said that the norms of international human rights define the meaning of human security. The Universal Declaration on Human Rights, The International Convenant on Civil and Political Rights, The International Convenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights are half of the tools that aim to make human beeing feel secure in their freedom, dignity by the equality and protection of human
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