Jeffrey Dahmer Vs Ted Bundy Analysis

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He was sentenced to counseling and one-year probation. From then on, the decline of Jeffrey Dahmer became apparent. The next four years he would ultimately kill a total of sixteen men. The sixteen men Jeffrey Dahmer slaughtered were killed with a particular modus operandi. His MO deviated at times, but generally, he invited them over for drinks, money, or sex, and then either cut their throat or strangled them. This then led to further sexual conduct, also known as necrophilia. Seeing as they were all men, he would typically sever their genitals, along with limps, and head. Several hearts were also found in his apartment after his arrest. Throughout the whole process, he took photos. Photos of sawing through the flesh and bones, photos of severed heads, and photos of performing inappropriate acts on the lifeless bodies. Jeffrey enjoyed preserving the body parts in jars or in his refrigerator to look at later and “re-live” the acts of “dominance.” After the initial enjoyment and pleasure, Jeffrey had to dispose of the body. This usually involved some form of acid to burn the flesh off the…show more content…
Many compare Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy, analyzing their different patterns. Ted Bundy never amounted to a hill of beans though when it came to Jeffrey Dahmer. Compared to Jeffrey, Ted was a saint. Ted kept his crimes down to murder and the rape of women. Jeffrey was consumed with macabre, rape, necrophilia, severed body parts, cannibalism, etc. The two serial killers both deserved death, but Dahmer was immersed into something demonic that utterly disgusted the American population. He hid in the shadows for twenty years, silently killing the voiceless. Ted, on the other hand, was much more upfront with his raping and murders that lasted for a total of four years before being caught by authorities. Even compared to the worst of the worst, Jeffrey Dahmer rates higher on the scale of complete

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