Taking Personal Responsibility Essay

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Healthy Effects from Taking Personal Responsibility. _____________________________________________________________________ Imaging what super hero abilities you could have if you took personal responsibility. You might be able to fly. You may have x-ray vision. You may not get any of those abilities, but the things you might get are just as cool. Brian Tracy talked about how if you took personal responsibility it would make you a better person or give you good things, in his essay, "Taking Personal Responsibility." In "Taking Personal Responsibility," Brian Tracy talks about how to take personal responsibility to get good things from it. Brian Tracy told some real life scenarios of how taking personal responsibility helps people, in his essay, "Taking Personal Responsibility." I thought about how taking personal responsibility would change my life or me. Sense I have, A.D.H.D.; I sometimes feel it is hard for me to take personal responsibility, because I cannot concentrate on things very…show more content…
When you take personal responsibility, you are able to do things without depending on other people. Most of the time I don't like depending on other people, but some things like typing I ask others to help because it hurts my hand. Henry Ford the second once said, "Never complain, never explain." This quote means that you shouldn't complain about your problems, and don't explain your problems. When you have self-actualization, you don't get into trouble for blaming other people and creating excuses. I sometimes blame my brothers for things I have done so I do not get into trouble, but it never works I always get into trouble. When I get out of high school, I am going to need to take care of myself. That means I need to be responsible and be able to pay my bills on my own. When living on my own I need to be able to do chores on my own without anyone else

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