Dropping Out Of High School Essay

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High School Dropout Rates in the United States Dropping out of high school is widely referred to as an epidemic in the United States. An increasingly large number of high school students fail to come back to school every single day. Students without a high school diploma or certificate of equal achievement are more likely to struggle financially and fall into poverty. Students leave for various reasons, but one is the most recurring. They feel as though their engagement in class and their education is not important to anyone. The schools and their administration are highly to blame for this. For the betterment of the students, the school, and their community around them, it is imperative to lower the national dropout rate. To do this, students need to receive a more personalized education as encouragement to stay involved in school. Many students fail to graduate high school every single year. Dropping out of high school is defined as any student who quits returning to school before completing the requirements to graduate. (Forrest Cataldi 27). These students become disengaged in their classes which causes them to leave highs school entirely. They begin to feel insignificant and lose sight of their…show more content…
The best proven effort to decrease the percentage is to offer students an individualized learning environment by increasing the number of teachers per student in a smaller school. This will keep students engaged in class and encouraged to continue to pursue their high school diplomas. The more students that complete high school, the more successful the school is which allows them to receive grants and recognition. Teachers should be urged or required to offer tutoring and opportunities for one on one time with students that need help and struggle with the material being taught. If the United States works to lower high school dropout rates, the whole community will benefit from more contributing members of

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