What Motivates People To Procrastinate

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What motivates people to procrastinate? Procrastination is the lack of motivation to complete a task. However, being an action within itself means that it requires motivation on its own. Through this research project we seek to answer the following questions: Why do we procrastinate? What exactly drives us to put off work we know we need to get done? Procrastinating is considered to be self-destructive because it puts us under an intense amount of pressure to get something done at the last minute, but when we have more than enough time to do a certain task, we are prone to welcome distractions with arms wide open. The task here is to find out why. In this project we intend to interview students at the John F. Kennedy High School and find out what drives them to procrastinate their work. Procrastination has become the downfall for many students in terms of their grades, and in general any task they have to do, hence if we are able to reach a conclusion as to why they procrastinate, it may help them learn how to avoid procrastination and stay on task.…show more content…
Approximately 800 B.C., a Greek poet named Hesiod specifically claimed “not to put your work off till tomorrow and the day after (Jaffe, E).” In addition, a Roman politician named Marcus Tullius Cicero thought that the activity of procrastination was detestable for the individual itself. The process the individual had to deal with before actually elaborating a task or getting it done provoked a great amount of stress, anxiety, and tension. As a result, the process of procrastinating directly affected the individual in a negative rather than in a positive

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